“All you need is Faith, Trust and a little Pixie dust” – Peter Pan

Fantasy is synonymous with magic, dreams and imagination. At Munchkin, we understand that schooling must invite similar excitement and joy.The infrastructure of our school has been designed to replicate the castles of Disney and Hogwarts, to entice a feeling akin to wonder and utopia. A fanstasia of the sort, our kids will look forward to education, within the walls of Munchkin’s Palatium. Childhood memories of our dear Munchkins’ will undoubtedly simulate laughter and joy, and we’d like to add a sprinkle of fantasy to the same.

Munchkin’s Palatium is miles away from the essence of ordinary. We are a pre-school with a strong culture, where your children will advance, flourish and thrive with joy, resilience and confidence. We encourage our children to dream, to fly and to live a life of marvel.


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Munchkin's PalatiumOpposite Vivekanand Vidyapeeth, Kota Road, Raipur, CG