21st Century Education

Education of the 20th Century is considered obsolete and antiquated on the grounds of Munchkin’s Palatium. We offer you a glimpse of the unconventional and out-dated traditions of 20th century education that distinguished children by age and segregated them into “cells”, bearing uncanny similarity with the concept of factory work. All children were encouraged and expected to cram the same information through the same methods, at the same time. Standardization was an oppressive principle and originality was ousted. Teaching through lectures barely scraped the surface of a child’s capability, creativity and curiosity.

21st Century Education is the introduction to a re-designed, refreshed and regenerated way of life. Au courant teaching methodologies in twine with cutting edge facilities promote student-centred classrooms with collaborative learning. A teacher is a premeditated guide who encourages children to be free and learn beyond boundaries. The curriculum is integrated and interdisciplinary with subjects taught in synergy to develop understanding and practical excellence. Children make acquaintance with technology, as the digital era demands literacy in media, computer and technological information. Munchkin fosters the notion of self-assessments, assessments by peers, and even assessments by a public audience. We aim to brace and equip our children to transcend in every niche in society.

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